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Excel Building Services – Modern Times Call for a Modern Approach

People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to maintain the systems and facilities that provide us with clean drinking water and sterilised hot water for washing.

Modern society is becoming more and more focused on responsibility and in particular the responsibility and the duty of care business owners have to their workforce and the public.

Gone are the days when hospitals and food venues were the only businesses that needed to worry about the quality of water and other hygiene standards. Business owners and employers from every industry now need to ensure they are providing clean and safe water.

Modern Water Treatment

We work in settings as diverse as Healthcare, Pharma, defence, IT as well as residential and commercial. We have been ensuring that pipe work installations are both clean and bacteria free. We work in a timely manner so that installations are ready for commissioning on time.

Contemporary building climate control systems now offer advanced levels of fully automated control over temperature and humidity within any type of building. Innovation in design also makes heating and cooling some of these buildings super-efficient.

However, like all modern technologies, these systems if neglected bring problems of their own. Because the majority of these buildings are still reliant on wet mechanical pipe work to distribute heating and cooling, if not appropriately treated and commissioned, the benefits of modern innovation are soon diminished.

Closed Pressurised Water Systems

Closed pressurised water systems typically require chemical treatment to fight against corrosion, scaling and the presence of microbiology. If properly maintained, the lifespan of such systems can be greatly increased. However, if neglected the benefits are quickly outweighed by the problems they can face

Biocides and Treatments

The two weapons battling the presence of harmful microbiology such as bacteria within water systems are biocides and diligence. Modern water treatment chemicals are able to prevent corrosion in complex systems that contain several different materials and metals.

These chemicals however need to be administered at regular intervals to be effective so establishing a regular cleaning schedule is imperative. Excel Building Services can help your business devise a regular schedule for the application of biocides as well as running a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out by a competent experienced assessor.