Excel Water Treatment Website has launched

Here at Excel Water Treatment we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. The website is designed to be a one stop shop for those wanting to learn about our organisation and our efforts in water treatment.

We want to take this opportunity to personally thank the guys over at Blue Whale Media for their continued hard work. Blue Whale is a web design agency based in Warrington that worked tirelessly on the creation of our new website.

Every idea and query we has along the way was answered and the resulting website is a great looking, responsive site that we are super proud of.

So, what is great about our new website?

A Stunning Design

The design for our website created by Blue Whale Media is slick, engaging and full of professional imagery.

The landing page features an animated sliding image which we feel makes our website look both professional and sleek.

The team also created custom graphics which makes our website easy to read and engage with for users.

Mobile and Google Friendly!

With over half of internet searches now being made from mobile phones or tablets, it is massively important that websites are fully mobile supported. Our new website is now fully mobile and Google friendly, this means that if you visit our page from a desktop computer, a laptop, a phone or any other device-the experience is not impaired.

An Easy Contact Form for Enquiries

For enquiries through the website, we have decided to include an easy to fill in contact form.

This form allows users to fill in their details and the nature of their enquiry so that we can get back to them in due course.

It’s really that simple!

SSL Certified and GDPR Compliant  

We are pleased to announce that our website is now SSL certified. This means that everything users do with our website is completely secure and protected by the data encryption certificate.

The website is also GDPR compliant, this means that users have the choice of how their data is handled. Should they want to delete or take their data with them, they can do.

Keep up to Date with Our Latest News

Keeping up to date with everything Excel couldn’t be easier. We have decided to include a latest news section in our website’s structure that will be regularly updated with blogs and other content relating to our organisation.

Head over to our latest news page and be sure to check regularly for new updates.

Cross Platform Social Media Integration

Keep up with us on our website, our Facebook account, on Twitter or any of our other platforms, the choice is yours!

Our website is fully integrated with our other platforms such as social media channels so you can stay in contact with Excel just about anywhere!

We love our new website and we hope you do to and we welcome any feedback you might have.